MirrorMirror: A Mobile Application to Improve Speechreading Acquisition

Benjamin M. Gorman, David R. Flatla

CHI '18: Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems


Many people around the world have difficulties in day-to-day conversation due to hearing loss. Hearing aids often fail to offer enough benefits and have low adoption rates. However, people with hearing loss find that speechreading can improve their understanding during conversation, but speechreading is a challenging skill to learn. Speechreading classes can improve acquisition, however there are a limited number of classes available and students can only practice effectively when attending class. To address this, we conducted a postal survey with 59 speechreading students to understand students’ perspectives on practicing. Using our findings, we developed an Android application called MirrorMirror – a new Speechreading Acquisition Tool (SAT) that allows students to practice their speechreading by recording and watching videos of people they frequently speak with. We evaluated MirrorMirror through three case studies with speechreading students and found that they could effectively target their speechreading practice on people, words and situations they encounter during daily conversations.