Hello, my name is Ben. I’m a PhD student at the University of Dundee.

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I completed my undergraduate degree in Applied Computing at Dundee in 2012. After that I travelled to Australia for a year and worked and travelled my way around the country. In 2014 I started my PhD and my thesis research is to be titled “A Framework for Speechreading Acqusition Tools", and investigates how we can design technolgoy to support the learning of speechreading (commonly called lipreading).

In my spare time, I like to dabble with Arduino components and physical computing. Being able to take a simple idea, physically assemble it’s components and then write some code which interfaces between those components is really fun.

I have two brothers who are equally talented, Dave who is an artist & 3D animator/modeler and Edd who makes awesome indie games.

Keep an eye on my Instagram to follow my surfing and travelling antics.