A collection of ideas, tutorials and notes.

Crafting a CHI Rebuttal

CHI allows authors to respond to reviewer's feedback through a rebuttal. However, unlike writing your paper, you are not given a lot of time (or characters!) to craft your CHI Rebuttal. Here I share my process and tips!

Posting to Twitter with an Arduino via Processing using Twitter4j

Recently I had to teach my students how produce a physical computing device using Arduino which talked to Twitter. This tutorial shows you how to let your Arduino communicate with Processing over serial, which then talks to Twitter.

Converting .wav files for use with Pocketsphinx

When using Pocketsphinx, you are required to have your audio files in a specific format. Using Audacity for this task works but it sucks. Lets write a bash script to save time!

Openframeworks & Pocketsphinx

I wanted to make an openFrameworks app which used Pocketsphinx to do some automatic transcribing of audio files and provide output. In this tutorial I'll explain how I managed it.

Arduino Powered Arcade Joystick

Who doesn’t love some classic arcade gaming fun? Although there are countless versions of these games for our iPhones and tablets, there really is no substitute for the classic arcade stick and the colourful buttons with that vintage clicky feel.